Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Operation "Embarrassement to our Nation" has ended.

Tomorrow, many of the offices at the local Air Force Base can re-open. Tomorrow my dedicated and smart friends who work for the Federal Government will return to work. Tomorrow professional staff can begin maintaining the grounds, bathrooms, and such of our National Monuments and National Parks. Tomorrow the VA can begin processing the several weeks of claims that were delayed (even more) by the shut down. Tomorrow the States who ran out of WIC funds to get baby food for impoverished infants can continue their mission.

Nov 1st, US Treasury Bonds will be honored. Disabled Veterans will get their disability checks. Food Stamps, TANF, and Heating Assistance will continue to be administered by the States at their mandated levels. People will not needlessly starve or freeze in a nation that can afford to prevent it. Head Start schools will stay open.

The Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) remains the law of the land in the United States of America.

Congress has succeeded in doing the bare minimum to keep things open. (A continuing resolution). Due to agreed-upon talks, they may actually pass a budget this year.

No one "Won". Some people took a serious financial hit, our Markets took a financial hit, our reputation as a functional dependable nation took a hit, our military lost training and professional development time they won't get back, some of our Vets will have additional delays in getting the benefits earned by service to our country. This was a loss for everyone involved. Closing and re-opening things, backpay, and deferring things that need to to be done cost money. The shutdown cost Taxpayers between 5 and 25 Billion dollars. Some lost more dignity and reputation than others, but there were no winners.

The childish, harmful, expensive, and embarrassing waste of time that was the shut-down is over for a few months.

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