Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I need to become inspired to write more. The purpose of blogging to me has always been threefold.

1) Practice Writing - every post is out there to be judged, critiqued, evaluated, argued with, responded to or ignored. This is true for the audience AND to author (upon revisions and other future visits.) No practice is better than doing and the only coest is time.

2) Articulation - Many forums out there - Facebook, Email, Comments sections and so on, do not lend themselves to longer and more thoughtful pieces describing one's thoughts, opinions, or random brain droppings as well as a blog. This was the reason for my first post.

3) Documentation - I like that I leave a footprint my future self or others can use to go back and see what I was writing/thinking/doing at a given time. This was more the purpose of my first blog MrVetinari that I started back in Baghdad in 2004 or so.

These are all fine motivations, there is only one problem, for any of them to be achieved, I have to, you know, actually write in the thing. One blog I follow had a good suggestion, which was to put "Updated Every (Tuesday or something)" at the top to always keep a sense of desperation going. It's a good enough idea, bloggers who have forced themselves to write weekly have managed to get enough material to have a book or other project they can piece together out of their writings.

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