Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coming Back

Holy goodness have I been gone for a while. First off, to the imaginary following who I picture refreshing this blog daily and being disappointed day after day, I apologize but commend your unwavering persistence.

Second, I do the following things:
Work full time as a Community Support Specialist helping the mentally ill for a little non-profit firm in the Midwest.

Work part time as an installer for Geo Group, a tremendously large for-profit prisons and corrections company.

Work part time as a Volunteer Firefighter, with the fire calls and training that entails.

Work part time as a Tax Preparer, for a few months of the year.

I made an attempt at starting my own company earlier this year with short, but unsustainable success.

I raise two boys with the help of their awesome mother who is studying nursing.

I sometimes assist my studious wife with school related projects, printing, studying, proof-reading and so on.

And along with managing our home, finances, and some other things I stay rather busy.

Football season is starting soon, that will eat up some time....

Anyhow, I just wanted to leave some gifts to anyone disappointed at my blogging:

One: Follow Barrett Brown's writings from Prison. Using needlessly literate verbiage to describe the mundane and demoralizing is a coping mechanism often used by the literati to deal with being in a station where they feel their intellect is being strangled. His entire writings are essentially this coping mechanisms over and over. He is someone on the list of people I think are being targeted and punished in an almost dystopian police state manner. Read his stuff here, or search for "Barrett Brown" and "Arts and Letters"

Two: If you have not seen "Mr. Robot" yet, jump in headfirst the first three episodes are available from USA. The rest are behind paywalls and subscriptions fees, which would stop many fans... but this IS a show about a realistically depicted tenacious computer hacker so it is possible the fan base will know of ways to watch this program while bypassing such gatekeeper functions.

I will try to write more, but living comes first.

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